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With Anaconda Server, you manage third-party dependencies on your own terms, and streamline the release cycle of your code. Its internal, self-contained package mirror installs securely behind your firewall, and can mirror not only the standard Anaconda repositories but also the package repositories at as well as other package management repositories, such as PyPI and CRAN.

All Anaconda Server purchases now include support from Continuum's engineering team!

What's included in Anaconda Server?

Windows, Linux, Mac

Long-Term Support for Anaconda

Anaconda is an enterprise-ready Python distribution with over 195 libraries for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Many of the most popular packages, including older archived versions, are supported and available through Anaconda Server for easy installation behind your firewall or in an air-gapped environment.

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Enterprise Python Deployment

Whether you use conda or pip for Python package management, Anaconda Server eases deployment of any Python-related script, library, or application to your production environment.

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Private, Secure Package Repository

Get the same packages and environments to every person and every box. With Anaconda Server’s repository mirror your team has easy, controlled access to all binary packages of many languages: Python, R, C/C++, and more. Stay up to date with open-source software, even if you are behind a firewall.

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Easy Graphical User Interface

With an easy-to-understand graphical user interface (GUI), Anaconda Server simplifies the creation and management of package repositories. Available in the premium version of Anaconda Server, the GUI enables users, not just system admins, to create channels, and manage their own packages.

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Comprehensive Licensing

Protect your organization from undesired licenses. Avoid the headache of searching for licensing details and ensure your packages meet your company requirements. With Anaconda Server, you select only packages with approved license terms. Anaconda Server also provides complete redistribution rights for Anaconda packages and indemnity for Continuum-provided tools.

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Customized Installers and Mirrors

Configure and distribute changes to your entire organization's infrastructure quickly and easily with tools for building customized installers on Linux boxes, creating mirrors, and automating updates.

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Additional Products and Support

Get organization-wide access to faster and more efficient Python with Accelerate and IOPro. Save time and money with included install support from Continuum’s industry experts. Get help configuring and managing your private, internal package repository with Anaconda. Additional training and support also available.

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