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Continuum specializes in solving large and small scale technical computing problems with an emphasis on data management, optimization, data science, and visualization. Backed by years of industry experience, Continuum’s highly trained consultants deliver services for clients in energy, finance, defense, biology, medicine, and many other industries.

Data Science

Identifying patterns in your data and delivering the most meaningful insights is a challenge that our consultants deal with daily. They are experts at transforming data into intelligent predictions that can empower your organization with impactful decisions and actionable insights. Our team can infuse intelligent predictions into your operations in order to maximize the value of your data.


Visualization is the most effective way to communicate analytical insights, and our team has deep and broad knowledge of tools and techniques for developing polished, realtime web dashboards and visual applications. Our portfolio of visualizations allow our customers to integrate and visually explore complex datasets, across a wide variety of domains and analytical areas. We know that the most effective visualizations are not merely slick dashboards generated at the end of the analytical process; instead, they are responsive, interactive tools that help everyone including scientists and researchers develop more intuition over their data problems, and ask better questions.


Expanding the toolbox allows your team to drive the most innovative and valuable solutions for your organization using the Python ecosystem. Our experts have collaborated to create some the world’s most widely accepted Python libraries and tools for open data science. These tools are in broad usage across the world, from startups and the Fortune 500 to defense and intelligence agencies. That expertise can be directed to create new tools that will help your team achieve new levels of productivity and insight.


Building an architecture that sustains the growing appetite for efficient data ingest, storage and compute to meet your most challenging service level agreements is a snap for our consultants. With years of experience in high performance computing, Hadoop, and database architectures, our consulting team can "right size" and streamline the myriad of architectural choices.


Maximizing code performance on modern hardware requires deep technical expertise coupled with a long history of real-world performance tuning. Unleash Continuum's seasoned Python experts on your most challenging bottlenecks, and let us help you breakthrough to new levels of performance with modern hardware, including GPUs. No one has more practical, real world experience with Python than our consulting team.

Continuum provides innovative, effective solutions for even the most challenging of problems. Using an iterative development model, our clients are an active part of the development process. Clients work with the deliverables as they are prototyped and refined, and provide regular feedback throughout the process. After initial development and delivery, Continuum can help train your internal staff to maintain and extend the final product.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Languages: Python, C, C++, Fortran, Javascript, CUDA/OpenCL
  • Numerical Python libraries: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn
  • Python UI: PyQt, PySide, ENAML, Traits, PhosphorJS
  • MapReduce/Parallel frameworks: Hadoop, Spark, Disco, ipcluster
  • Database Interface: Django ORM, SQLAlchemy, Blaze, IOPro
  • Visualization: D3, Matplotlib, Bokeh, Chaco
  • Client-side web frameworks: Backbone, Node,Angular, Coffeescript, jQuery

Services Continuum provides:

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