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Continuum and Open Source

At Continuum, we value open source software and believe it is a privilege to be able to share idea-as-code with people around the world as we work together to build useful tools and products. We believe in building on the shoulders of giants and seek for productive, sustainable ways to continue to strengthen the foundation and create the architecture of the future.

One of our founders was a key figure in the development of NumPy and SciPy and most of our developers have spent many, many volunteer hours writing open source software, giving talks at conferences, writing documentation, fixing bugs, answering questions, sharing thoughts on public mailing lists and generally working to ensure that ideas-as-code get shared as far and widely as possible. We take great satisfaction in making the world a better place and trying to improve the lives of others. We believe that a lot of software --- especially infrastructure software --- should be free and accessible. This is a big reason we are a major sponsor of and contributor to the NumFOCUS foundation which is a purely not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting free and accessible computing for science, engineering, and technology.

Donate or Contribute to the NumFOCUS foundation.

While much of the software we write is open source from the beginning, some of our software is not freely available at first. Our sincere desire is for the features in our proprietary software to end up as open source software as soon as time and resources allow us to make it freely available. We believe that as a company we can contribute to open source software best by providing livelihoods for developers that allow them to focus on writing software that gets contributed to open source in time. Sometimes this means keeping software proprietary so that users of our software are also customers driving its development. This enables us to employ people full-time on the creation and support of software that effectively becomes open source as more people buy it. This gives more and more people a chance to participate in the creation of open source software --- not just developers with spare cycles.

If you find our software useful, we hope that you will buy it and be satisfied not only with the software itself, but also with the knowledge that you are contributing to the present and future ecosystem of open source software.

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